Cassoulette Chicken Italiano

Tantalising herb and garlic chicken in a hearty Napoletano sauce.
Serves 4.

If using a M&J fully cooked product, follow all steps and exclude cooking the chicken, simply add the fully cooked product and heat through.


  • M&J Chargril Breast Fillet 320g
  • Salami Italian 100g
  • Garlic Peeled 40g
  • Sauce Neapolitana 500ml
  • Beans Green 120g
  • mairepo 4g
  • Oil Olive Vetta 40ml
  • Herb – Thyme
  • Chirozo spanish 160g
  • Onion 240g
  • Soda bread 200g
  • Beans Red Kidney 40g
  • Cannellini bean tinned 40g
  • Parsley Continental


  1. Dice Chorizo, onion and Salami
  2. Dice M&J Chargril Breast Fillet
  3. Finely chop thyme and garlic, mix together and massage into chicken pieces
  4. Heat a heavy based sauce pan, Sautee Chorizo and Salami for two to three minutes
  5. Remove from the pan but retain the oil
  6. Sautee chicken in the Salami oil for 30 seconds either side to add colour
  7. In a pot add Napoletana sauce, chorizo, salami, onion, chicken and casserole for 30 minutes
  8. Drain beans, cut green beans and cut into 2cm lengths.
  9. Mix all ingredients together, cook for a further 5 minutes
  10. Serve in an individual pot or dish with sour dough bread on the side

Serving suggestion

Sourdough bread

Cook time:

35 mins