Crispy Drumettes

Aussie spin on traditional fried chicken and chips with zingy pineapple, banana and herb mayonnaise.
Serves 4.


  • M&J Crispy Drumettes 800g
  • Banana 120g
  • Pineapple 120g
  • Chips 240g
  • Cottonseed oil 800g
  • Turkey bacon 200g
  • Plain flour 200g
  • Egg 4 ea
  • Bread crumbs panko 600g
  • Sauce green herb mayonnaise 240ml


  1. Slice banana lengthwise
  2. Slice pineapple into the same thickness as the banana
  3. Beat egg then dust fruit in flour
  4. Dip in egg then into breadcrumbs
  5. Grill turkey bacon until crispy
  6. Heat Crispy Drumettes as per instructions
  7. Fry banana and pineapple in vegetable oil
  8. Fry chips in vegetable oil
  9. Place cooked chips in the base of a lined basket or bowl
  10. Add drummettes
  11. Add fried fruit
  12. Add bacon crisp on top
  13. Serve sauce beside in a separate bowl

Cook time:

15 mins