Delivering high-quality freshpoultry products to you

At M&J Chickens, we take pride in providing fresh poultry to a range of customers. Thanks to our temperature regulation and fleet tracking Verizon technologies, you’re always guaranteed excellent conditions and on-time delivery.

We also offer contactless deliveries with fully vaccinated drivers to provide you peace of mind.

Aged Care & Hospitals

As specialist partners in the Aged Care & Hospital sectors, we work with major service providers to deliver a wide selection of quality protein options. By ensuring our supply chain is closely monitored through x-ray scanning and temperature tracking, you can feel confident in our product quality. We also maintain strict compliance and quality control through our dedicated Quality Assurance team.


We’re experts in supporting caterers and understand your requirements. From remote mining sites to reception centres, we provide consistent quality at a high volume. Thanks to our value-add lines, you can increase your output and reduce overheads with improved efficiency in your kitchen.

Informal Eating Out

Casual dining and Sunday brunches are a booming trade Australia-wide. We provide a range of appetiser and centre-of-plate options to make your event deliciously memorable. Our products are perfect for kids’ menus too!

Because we only deliver full muscle options, you can maintain the highest level of quality at your establishment. From single site operators to national QSR chains, we’ll help you entertain in style.


As a major supplier for government organisations including correctional facilities, hospitals, and defence, we adhere to a strict DIFOT protocol. We participate in regular tender processes and offer fixed longer-term pricing, making your food budget easier to manage.

We also maintain strict internal quality control and compliance best practices through our dedicated Quality Assurance team. Because we believe in transparency, we offer detailed monthly reporting for you to review.


We’re certified exporters of fresh and value-added lines into Asia and beyond. Working closely with our international partners, we always work to ensure we meet strict importation requirements for their local markets.

Our dedicated export manager regularly reviews policy changes, meaning our products consistently meet the necessary quarantine and customs requirements. Our exports include both food service and retail lines.

M&J Chickens is a certified exporter of Fresh and Value-added lines into Asia and beyond. We work closely with our international partners to ensure we meet strict importation requirements for their local markets. We also export both foodservice and retail lines.

Our dedicated export manager oversees any requirement or policy changes.


We deliver premium tray pack and pouch solutions to local independent grocery groups. Providing both on shelf and deli/hotbox solutions, we work with our clients to develop in-store collateral and supporting material to help drive sales.

Helping your business run seamlessly

Our online portal management system provides our clients with direct access to their account information. Plus, you’ll receive regular volume reporting to make managing orders easy and stress-free. Anytime you need a little extra support, you can chat with our dedicated customer service or account management teams.

When you choose M&J Chickens, you’re choosing the best fresh poultry products in Australia.


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