Chicken Antipasto, Artisan Bread Board

Mouth-watering crumbed chicken served with garlic oil and crispy ciabatta.
Serves 4.


  • Ciabatta Bread 8 slices
  • M&J Crumbed Devil Tenderloin 480g
  • Sea salt medium 4g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 80g
  • Quail egg 12 pieces
  • Green olives 40g
  • Roasted red capsicum 120g
  • Canola oil spray 20g
  • Pepper black fine cracked 2g
  • Garlic oil 120ml


*If using a M&J fully cooked product, follow all steps but exclude cooking the chicken. Simply add the fully cooked product and heat through.

  1. Heat a heavy-based pan and bring canola spray to smoke point
  2. Grill ciabatta bread in a frying pan
  3. Add 15ml of oil to the pan
  4. Air fry coated Crumbed Devil Tenderloin from frozen at 160 degrees celsius for 10 minutes
  5. Put the remaining salt and olive oil in a ramekin
  6. Slice roasted capsicum and olives in half
  7. Arrange all on a large plate or board, garnish with parsley and serve

Cook time:

10 mins